REAL ESTATE SERVICES 905.680.RENT Providing years of experience in real estate for landlords and investors.  We are specialized in the purchase and sale of residential income properties and are dedicated to  providing a full range of purchase and sale services to single and multi- residential owners and investors. Ross Boncore, President of Boncore Management Limited and the Broker of Record for Family Realty  Niagara Inc. Brokerage has been active in the purchase and sale of many multi residential and income  producing properties in the Niagara Region. Our Real Estate clients have a leading edge when dealing  with us.  They benefit from our years of experience in both the real estate market and in property management.  This combination of knowledge and experience provides our clients with accurate, reliable information  and insight not available through others to make the best decisions when buying or selling. We are known as a realtor’s realtor because other sales representatives consult with us in times when  they may not be clear on certain aspects of a residential income property. If you are contemplating selling or buying, please contact us first. EXPERIENCE & KNOWLEDGE. YOUR SOLUTION TO PLANNED REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT.