MAINTENANCE & REPAIRS REPAIRING, MAINTAINING AND PROTECTING YOUR INVESTMENT. 905.680.RENT At Boncore, our technical support staff is available exclusively to our clients. We provide you with  knowledge, expertise and assistance in maintenance, protection and preservation of your property. Our  knowledge and experienced team of trades and handymen will address all problems. You will save  thousands of dollars in more ways than one. Our staff and affiliates are available to take immediate action for all emergencies; We analyse and  troubleshoot problems before they get costly and dangerous. Rental units are immediately repaired,  cleaned, painted and made available for immediate occupancy. We are a cost effective solution to conform and meet with today’s health, fire, safety and building code standards. When you add it all up, our services pay for themselves. Improvements and repairs will eliminate risk of  liability, increase rental income and make your property a more efficient and desirable place to live.