Are you shopping for someone to rent your property because you’ve had bad luck finding good tenants?

The truth of the matter is that luck is not a factor. In today’s rental market you have to know what you are doing. Let Boncore Management’s experienced rental agents do the work for you. Our ‘Smart Rent Program’ will find qualified tenants for your rental and prevent you from losing thousands of dollars in lost revenue, damages and eviction costs.

The Smart Rent Program

  • Your rental is featured on the internet through our website and other sites.
  • All inquiries are answered promptly, providing further information. The first stage in qualifying the prospect starts immediately by asking questions about their credit history, income and job stability if employed.
  • Once qualified as a good prospect an appointment to view the rental is set. During the viewing we continue to evaluate with further questions followed by providing the prospect with a rental application to be filled out in full and signed.
  • The application is processed by obtaining a credit report, contacting employers for work verification and calling present and previous landlords for tenant references and payment history.
  • Once qualified as a suitable tenant, we report to the landlord for final approval.
  • The final process is the signing of the lease with collection of first and last month’s rental deposits, a final inspection of the premises and handing over the keys to the tenant.
  • A copy of the lease and collected deposits are forwarded to the landlord.