THINK SAFE. YOUR FUTURE DEPENDS ON IT Fires   result   in   over   one   hundred   deaths   in   Ontario   each   year.   Fire   prevention   should   be   the   number   one safety   concern   for   all   landlords   since   the   majority   of   these   deaths   occur   in   residential   fires.   Ultimate attention   and   the   highest   commitment   to   fire   safety   must   be   maintained   at   all   times   in   order   to   provide   a safer   living   environment   for   tenants,   protect   the   landlords’   investment   and   shield   them   from   criminal charges or incarceration due to negligence or death. Boncore   Management   assists   landlords   in   addressing   fire   hazard   issues   and   maintaining   fire   safety   in their   buildings.   We   work   closely   with   staff,   superintendents,   qualified   fire   technicians   and   consultants   to ensure   buildings   meet   municipal   safety   standards   and   comply   with   the   fire   code   set   by   the   Ontario   Fire Marshal’s Office. Many   municipalities   in   the   Niagara   Region   follow   the   Ontario   Fire   Marshal’s   recommendations   to   enforce a   zero   tolerance   policy   towards   violations.   In   many   cases   landlords   are   immediately   charged   for   fire   code deficiencies   without   warning   or   time   to   rectify   problems.   Many   of   these   violations   are   discovered   in random inspections by the local fire department without notice to the landlord. FINES AND PENALTIES An   individual   convicted   of   three   fire   code   offences   faces   a   penalty   of   up   to   $   20,000.00   and   or   one   year imprisonment. In   the   case   of   contravention   of   the   fire   code   there   is   a   penalty   of   up   to   $   50,000.00   or   imprisonment   of   up to one year for an individual; Penalties for corporations are set at a higher rate. Any person who removes an order is subject to a fine of $ 2,000.00 and or imprisonment of 1 year. Failure to comply with an order is subject to a fine of up to $20,000.00 per day. If   you   are   in   doubt   that   your   building   is   safe   and   meets   all   fire   and   safety   codes   required   by   law   contact   us today    for    further    information    we    will    supply    the    name    and    telephone    number    of    and    a    qualified      independent fire consultant who will answer all your questions. Let us help you protect your investment and make your building a safer place for your tenants to live.
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