SAVE THE ENVIRONMENT AND SAVE MONEY Energy   costs   are   continuously   increasing   without   any   signs   of   a   ceiling   cap   in   the   future.   Despite   this, many   landlords,   property   managers   and   superintendents   have   not   implemented   and   taken   advantage   of the   benefits   to   be   made   by   becoming   energy   efficient.   Today’s   energy-efficient   technology   and   processes are    imperative    to    reduce    costs,    improve    operating    performance    and    increase    tenant    comfort    while contributing to a cleaner environment. We   at   Boncore   Management   make   it   a   priority   to   combat   rising   utility   costs   by   continuously   monitoring, evaluating   and   making   energy   efficient   changes   to   the   properties   we   manage.   Special   attention   is   given   to the following areas of the building: Building    Envelope     –    Windows,    doors    and    walls    are    susceptible    to    heat    loss,    simple    inexpensive applications    of    caulking,    weather    stripping    or    mortar    re-pointing    are    inexpensive    solutions    and    cost effective. Plumbing    –   Water   loss   from   kitchen   and   bathroom   taps   and   toilets   is   one   of   the   biggest   contributors   to high   costs   that   can   be   resolved   by   regular   maintenance   inspections.   A   simple   washer   or   adjustment   of   a ball float or flapper will add up to thousands of dollars in savings. Lighting -   lighting   in   common   areas   such   as   hallways   which   are   on   24   hours   daily   should   be   upgraded   to florescent   light   fixtures   with   electronic   ballasts   and   high   efficiency   florescent   tubes.   Lobbies   and   areas which   have   natural   sun   light   throughout   the   day   should   be   set   on   light   sensors.   Areas   that   have   been overlooked   and   have   considerable   savings   are   the   rental   units   themselves.   We   cannot   regulate   how   long tenants   leave   lights   on,   but   can   make   the   light   fixtures   cost   efficient   by   replacing   the   regular   light   bulbs with   compact   fluorescents.   For   a   minimum   expense   a   motion   sensor   can   be   installed   in   washrooms, kitchens and hallways where lights are prone to be left on. Heating   &   Hot   Water    –   Regular   maintenance   can   expand   the   life   of   the   present   heating   and   hot   water systems   but   there   will   come   a   time   where   it   makes   sense   to   convert   to   new   high   efficiency   units   to drastically cut down on utility costs.
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